The Wingless Fairy

First known as Fairy Academy: Wingless Fairy. Peri is about to discover she's a fairy. Spark fairies can control fire and sparks. There are four kinds of fairies: Spark, Water, Air, and Garden. They all seem to pretty much explain themsleves. Peri is a wingless fairy who is mistaken among humans. Sirena is a enchanter (protects mythical creatures) who has to find Peri. Peri being wingless just makes the job harder. Emory is a Water Prince who must help Sirena find Peri. He's supposed to marry the Garden princess to become king but he has doubts when he meets Peri. Kit is a joyful little fairy that befriends Peri. Kit dones't know that Peri is even a fairy. The four must join together before time runs out. The Evil Queen's shadows are taking over. That isn't all of Peri's worries; she has an arranged marriage. With the promise of canceling the marriage she sets off on a journey to destroy the Evil queen. If she succeeds, she can go home and carry on with her mortal fairy life. But what if the fairy life isn't all that she thinks it is?
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So many reads and no comments, but I loved how she was accidentally left in the human world, so random and realistic. I'll be reading ♥!
I really love this story, thanks for dedicating this chapter to me it really means a lot :D

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