The Warrior Princess

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Hannah By hiddeninshadows Updated 3 years ago
*Cancelled Book*
    Two Armies, Two People, One Hero
    Kalia is a princess. She does not sing or dance. She fights. Kalia lives in a world where their partners are lost. The partners of which are dragons. Her opposing country threatens war. Nakan love war, they can't get enough. To make sure their plan is assured they take someone. Kalia to be exact. Follow her through the journey as she learns secrets, discover the truth, learn her killer instincts and falls in love...  Will Kalia eventually find out how to save herself and her country? And will she find out where the dragons have gone?
The starting is exciting even if it. is only the beginning.......
wow, we have the same cover with the dragon concept. Coincedence
Omg, I've only read the first part and I love it!!! This is really good. Also, I'm a new writer, only got my account a few days ago. I was wondering if you all would mind reading my story and voting? I would appreciate it greatly.   :)
Great start! The way you wrote this really draws your readers in! Voted
Why are the dragons naturally inclined to protect humans, when it seems that they are far superior and don't rely on them? Maybe it's because my time playing Skyrim has made me weary of dragons—but I'm wondering if the dragons were deceiving them the whole time.
It was a really good start. I've seen other writers try to compile so much information into the prologue, like what you've done, but I like how yours came out much better. Reading on!