Raven (Naruto Fanfic)

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_LovelyDeathWish By _LovelyDeathWish Updated 2 years ago
Raven Takagi, the sole survivor of his Clan's massacre, landed up in the forest of Konoha he seeks revenge. Ending up in the same team as his childhood friend Sasuke, he tries to hide the secrets, but he can't do that with and annoying sensei and persistent teammates. AND adding to that the akatsuki want him for his power... How will he cope with all this? Especially when his time is running out, will he let them in and tell them? Or will he keep them to himself? Especially when one of his teammates developes feelings more than friendship.
PS: None of the characters belong to me, except Raven and a few more I will be adding.. ^^
kiara23 kiara23 2 years ago
There are a lot of things I can't stand in Naruto Fanfictions, and most of them are in this one, but for some reason it still seems quite unique and I believe I've been somewhat suprised :)
Drakon25 Drakon25 2 years ago
has any one else noticed that all the fan fiction ocs are mostly girls? i have nothing personal against that, but use some originality here.
i love this! i think i was avoiding it because i wasnt sure if it was good...*sigh* i always seem to avoid the good stuff
NamelessTea NamelessTea 3 years ago
@LovelyDeathWish Oh my gosh I love it! I actually can't believe you drew that!!! Um..could you ever maybe do a cover for me?? Because I can't draw that well -.-
NamelessTea NamelessTea 3 years ago
Gah amazing!!! 
By the way, did you make the cover yourself?
BeeBoo95 BeeBoo95 3 years ago
Srry it took so long to comment but i must tell u that i love dis story!!! Ur story sounds like it was written by a professional!! I must commend u^-^