Breaking Carter's Barrier's

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_forbiddeniris By _forbiddeniris Updated 3 years ago
After the death of Carter Livingstion's mother, he is heart broken and soon his father begins abuseing him as he blames him for her death even though he knows it's not his fault. carter struggles to look after his little brother devin's saftey and begins to throw himself into his studies aiming to get good grades so when he turns eighteen he can get a job and than get custidy of him.
Matthew Reynolds is youre typical jock althetic captain of the football team slightly arrogant and carefree that is untill he finds out his failing grades and in search of a way to bring them up to avoid getting the bench at the big game he seeks out the smartest kid he can find to help him that kid being Carter Livingstion
in this story of in unlikely pairing of to oppostites secrets are revealed and boundries are crossed emotions are fought and fears faced, but in the end will it be worth it? will Carter get the happy ending he deserves or does only more tragedy lie ahead?
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