The Alphas Rejected Mate

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_QueenWolf By _QueenWolf Updated 2 years ago
Alex was never a popular girl, she was never even noticed. Her parents hate her, her brother hates her for reasons she doesnt know, her pack hates her, and worst of all her mate rejects her. Alex was an overweight ugly girl at least thats what every one else says to her. After her mate rejects her she dieced to leave the pack and her mate, eveything she knows she left. She meets a new pack and trains her to a fighting machine, but when her new pack has to go to her back for an assinment she dies on the inside. Once she goes to the pack they were suprised to find the shy, fat, ugly, quite girl to be a new mean, sexy, banning body, fighting, and beta Alex. Alex wants to prove to her old pack and ex mate that she was always strong.
MayaLerman MayaLerman 2 years ago
Love it!!! Please continue, can't wait for the next chapter!!! Xx
xXbbykakezzXx xXbbykakezzXx 3 years ago
Wow i usually dont like stories about wolfs but this is really good :)
ShootheMonster ShootheMonster 3 years ago
please upload i really want to know what's going to happen....good book by the way what am i saying best book
Fireheart217 Fireheart217 3 years ago
please update sorry to rush but i really wanna read the next chapter
PhuongNguyen739 PhuongNguyen739 3 years ago
i really like this story and the summary sounded great i hope you update soon
Fireheart217 Fireheart217 3 years ago
thanks and i know once people find this story they will it good luck!