Blood and Honor

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oreostix2 By oreostix2 Updated 2 years ago
Kylie 'Kay' Ebrey is just following the boring path life has planned out for her. But one fateful day, the path veers off course as she comes upon a fight between two bands of mysteriously alluring boys. She finds herself constantly thinking about them until a twist of events lands her as the assistant for the notorious gang, The Black Diamond.
cuddles1793 cuddles1793 4 years ago
wow not many people can write in second view and you are one of the people i have met that can do it effectivly, without turning a reader off. nice... keep on going
eternity1 eternity1 4 years ago
we wil kick everyone's butt :) i say we do it next year xD (if we can!) and no! don't change it back!! I love it :)
eternity1 eternity1 4 years ago Henry said, I love the way you're writing this's really cool!!! =)
Love it! :) I really like the way you're writing this one, the style.
eternity1 eternity1 4 years ago
interesting jessi =) like it so far...i think you should continue! of course! lol