One Direction Fan Fiction :) (On Hold)

Ashley, Clara and Molly have been fans of one direction since they where 14 years old, but what happens when they end up meeting them in a unexpected event 5 years later? Do they hook up with their child hood sweethearts or will they end up broken hearted???
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this is great!!!! i love it but you should make more paragraphs, space it, it would make reading a lot easier because im lazy!!!
hii this story is great!!  and at the top i didn't understand did u say comment if u want 2 b apart of it? well if u did me please! thx
OMG!! I'm random and my names Molly and I've ALWAYS thought Louis was the best!! I'm LOVING this story already!!!!
@spazzo hahaha to prove a point to my mum- that car waste too much fuel so it beta to get a new car cous he wants to get a mercedes :D
@IloveREADING wow wat a wetdreamer u r!!!
too bad u hav no chance of meeting him...i do!!!!
im in oldhamm right now...btw who lives in oldham???
mmmmm luved this chapter....i dont hav to mention why-lets jus say im imagyinin myself in claras place ;D. upload soon plz xx

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