Maxine's Territory

Abused. Hated. Rejected. Maxine Riverson's life described with three simple words. Abused by her foster parents, hated by her pack, and rejected by her mate, Maxine runs away to join a gang in Manhattan that takes in the rejects, turning the broken hearted she-wolf into an unforgiving badass. But how can she keep the act when the person who shattered her life comes back begging for her forgiveness? Will she give in or will the cold hearted Gang leader prevent Maxine's mate from having a second chance?
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I really hope whatever the pain is she can figure out how to get rid of it or deal with, poor Maxie
Is it her mate was he getting closer to her trying to find her and that's what the pain worsened
Does her mate feel the pain too or not as bad as hers because he's the one that rejected her
I like this story its very interesting and. I love the fact that its not like all the other werewolf stories

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