High School Horrors Book One: The Haunting of Jones High School

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LilGreenLeprachaun By LilGreenLeprachaun Updated 3 years ago
John MIchaels has everything a teenage guy would want. The prettiest girl in school, the best friends, and the star position on the football team. Then, weird things happen, unexplainable things, that put everything he has in danger. Can he safe his life, or is it too late? Based on a true story.
AnimeCrazy18 AnimeCrazy18 2 years ago
This a really great start to what seems to be a gripping book of horrors! >:][
RozalittleDhampir RozalittleDhampir 3 years ago
this is really good! i love it, tho im not sure whats happeningXD
scribblerofdreams7 scribblerofdreams7 3 years ago
You are off to a great start! Can't wait for you to post more! (: