Skip the Beat!

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Smileyshoes By Smileyshoes Updated 2 years ago
Kyoko-chan has finally realized her love for her most special person, but with all the troubles lying ahead, can she finally gain the courage to fulfill her love?
mardiana_kedaman mardiana_kedaman 10 months ago
i,ve already read this until last chapter. it's amazing, seriously. hope you will continue your writing. p/s, seriously, i really enjoy my reading. i mean it!
Neheigh Neheigh a year ago
Very good start :) I too write Skip Beat fanfiction and love reading it :)
MetalOtaku12 MetalOtaku12 2 years ago
This isn't bad............IT'S FRIGGIN AWESOME!!!!
xxblush17xx xxblush17xx 2 years ago
@GotoWameku  ur comment had me soo happy  ....sooo true..@smileyshoes thnk u for an awesome fanfic
GotoWameku GotoWameku 2 years ago
*sobs* I was looking for a good fanfiction and all I got was three pages of one direction fanfic. You have made me so happy with this fic *sobs again*
WhiteRose1995 WhiteRose1995 2 years ago
Great story. It is helping cope with waiting for upload on the manga. ;)