Reflections Beyond (Book 1 Reflections Series)

Charlie was an average girl who hated being average. But that all changed the summer she turned 15. The holidays had rolled around and she was forced to visit her grandparents, which sounds innocent enough, until she disappeared. She returns two years later not knowing that time had lapsed in her absence, with no memories of what had happened, looking the same as the day she left. Things get mighty confused. There is talk of a world called Argonia that she has never heard of. An evil man seeking her out that stole her memories and still keeps them in a crystal goblet. Then a prophecy that revolves around saving the world. While everything seems to involve an elaborate mirror that leads to a mystery world. When a gorgeous guy named Caden appears on the scene, he only has eyes for her, and seems to hold the answer to her mysteries. Can he help her solve the riddle of her life before it's too late? And could she really be the saviour of a world she had never even heard of?
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please send me soft copy of these.. thank u.. its at

thank u
Loved it :) I have never really read many stories like this but it sounds really really good
Very Very well wrote. Your writing style is very sophisticated. I would definitely buy your book if your prologue was in the description on the cover!
Hmmm...interesting way of getting back into the life denial can do that to you though.  I usually am a "See it to believe it" type of person too.  Like it..
Its sad but everything seems really interesting really makes u wann know wats next
Wow that was alot to process for her. Another very well written chapter. This story seems rather unique to me and I like that. keep it up :)

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