Hit The Road Jack

And he goes boinking my sister... the nerve. (For matured audience only or well, read at your own risk if you are under 18)
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I almost...just almost drooled when he took it off... haha

I love how she didn't just run away crying like a coward. Yes she has guts! Go girl xD
And yeah what she said you scum on my shoe -_-
OOOH, this is awesome  and I loved Jack Gallow's I'm Sorry i Boinked Your Sister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Btw, whos the guy on the right? I know hes the younger brother, but whats the models actusl name?
Honey make @JackGallow tell peopl the continuation is on your site....

But freaking cool suffer Jack suffer.
@NefariousOne Oh so true You only have to hit me in the head with that brick two time before I learned my lesson never again. giggle. Single and loving it.

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