KathNiel: Young Parents (Completed)

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(This story is already COMPLETED but is now under EDITING. It's up to you if you want to read this now or you'll just wait for a better story to read)

Kathryn:   Daniel Padilla? 

Tssss.. nakakairitang pakinggan! Bakit? 

Eh kasi naman sobrang yabang na nga babaero pa!

But one day I just woke up with him beside me, and we are both....

OH NO!  At ang gabing yan ay nagbunga pa! LAGOT NA..
 After that night how can I and Daniel face the consequences? Are we ready to handle things right?

Me and Daniel are now YOUNG PARENTS!

haloomae haloomae a month ago
wow! ang ganda talaga sana sila ang may totoong baby hahahahaha :)
IDontHaveBrain IDontHaveBrain a month ago
Ngayon ko palang babasahin :) I'm sure. Nakakakilig 'to. KathNiel e =))
haloomae haloomae a month ago
maganda ang mga estory nila at parang totoo sana sla ang mag couple balang araw sa totoo kasi kathniel sla hahhahahhahahahhahahaha :*  :)
haloomae haloomae a month ago
sa totoo lang ang kathniel best loveteam ever :) kasi team positive kasi sila ehhh :*
haloomae haloomae a month ago
i love u kathniel ang ganda ng estory para sila ang meant to be sa totoo fans nyo ko kathniel
JersellLazarte JersellLazarte a month ago