Hi, Mr Shadow

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What happens when a shadow falls in love with its owner?
    They have to watch the one they love live its whole life till death, unnoticed. A very painful lovestory.
    This story is about a shadow and a girl who broke that rule and found love against all odds. Follow the shadows's travel to reach humanity, his struggle to adapt to feelings he never knew existed, supported by the girl of his dreams.
This is just so confusing...I don't even know I'm like scared of my shadow now...like what if it's a guys.,,what if he see's me in my granny panties...that's not gonna get censored or anything...he's gonna catch me scratching my ass of something.
How exactly do you hug your shadow? Do you just hug yourself?
Okay, I swear I'm going to finish reading your other story too. But I think it will be after I finish this one lol
Wow... This is like an awesome idea for a story! And a great first chapter! After I finish reading 'Secretly Famous' I'm gonna read this one :D
Like it. It grabbed me and took me. I cant really say more than the others since they all are right in some way. you hav my vote! :)
Your english is really good if it isn't your native language! Wow i'm impressed, i could never do that. The Originality of the idea definitely is a plus, keep going :)