Well this is just ideas I had for dirty stories that weren't that long so I will update whenever I can. Or whenever I please and the new ones I make might not show up because wattpad restricted it so you're gonna have to follow me.  Most of the one shots will be Larry do if you don't like that...  oh well I don't care.  Oh yeah and can someone please make a cover and e-mail it to me dezcrazy75@gmail.com  - _Dez

And secondly, ummmm... If Louis is the father, why are they having sex?
@1DTookMyHeart omfg!!! i literally stood lik this:  o o  
for lika whole 30 seconds then i started ctfu....and stop rubbin it ok! gosh we cant all b!
@iamhungrey niall was "vigorously masterbating, and some japanese chick and her little sister saw him, and he was pounding on the wall while loudly swearing" hahahaha. i love being a directioner :D
I think every directioners favorite word became vigorously after what happened in Japan...
@deesarine_crazy thi- this an hon- honor. Thank you! *continues to fake sniffle*
dating dees dat stuff was DEEP! i mean father and son!? u truly r a freak girl...dats why i LUV YA! and Louis really we all know dat "Mr.styles" is bigger than "tommo" lol jk update!