One Direction Dirty Boyxboy One Shots

Well this is just ideas I had for dirty stories that weren't that long so I will update whenever I can. Or whenever I please and the new ones I make might not show up because wattpad restricted it so you're gonna have to follow me. Oh yeah and can someone please make a cover and e-mail it to me - _Dez
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I had no idea until I read a comment in the last one shot. She was so lucky got got to see his ... you know.
you stealing a nigga line: "he tasted like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles"

"They came out of the closet" *wiggles eyebrows and gives perverted smile*
i started singing " it was the best sex ever"... the bedsheets, my hips, even my nipples XD
@iamhungrey go back and read my reply to you. @Dez_crazy i died reading the first line
dez when i wus readin this on my fone my MUM was in d room u knows how hard it was not to say anything about this chapter?!
I think every directioners favorite word became vigorously after what happened in Japan...

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