Call Me Ella

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Yes, I lost my father and he was the best man in the whole world.   

Yes, I have a stepmother who is a witch and whom I hate most passionately.   

Yes, I have two stepsisters that are a pain in my arse and who lost their brains when they were little.      

Yes, my life is like a cliché from a bloody fairy tale, but you know what is missing? The fucking Prince Charming! And where is he? Nowhere to be found! Probably he’s dancing in his palace with a stupid and empty-headed Barbie. Arsehole. Who needs him, anyways? Certainly, not me.      

I’m almost Cinderella, but you can call me Ella.    

BOOK #1 in the Aware Princess Series
Illustrator: Sarah Bochaton
I love this story but I hate no direction. I will read this entire series tho lol.
I read Brave Bold Belle first, and now I just found out about Call Me Ella. Is it important to read them in order? @BelWatson
Ella is Cinderella's real name, she was just called Cinderella by her stepsisters. Just saying.
Aren't you lucky if you have parents? You think they're overprotective, but they actually just care for you. Show respect to them and repay them for the goodness that they have showed to you.
Always I think the fan fics about 1D isn't bad, because there so many girls read about them and you can write other version without them if your story have fame. 
Because isn't a bad thing a fan fic.
:/ I give it a few chapters cause I don't care for one direction