Call Me Ella

Yes, I lost my father and he was the best man in the whole world. Yes, I have a stepmother who is a witch and whom I hate most passionately. Yes, I have two stepsisters that are a pain in my arse and who lost their brains when they were little. Yes, my life is like a cliché from a bloody fairy tale, but you know what is missing? The fucking Prince Charming! And where is he? Nowhere to be found! Probably he’s dancing in his palace with a stupid and empty-headed Barbie. Arsehole. Who needs him, anyways? Certainly, not me. I’m almost Cinderella, but you can call me Ella. BOOK #1 in the Aware Princess Series Illustrator: Sarah Bochaton
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He won't be taken by the blonde for too long...This is a niall horan fanfiction.
I don't want money, nor the dream-life I just want to marry Luke Hemmings...I love him so so much it actually hurts. :'•[
Nah. One Direction is only worth 70 million..

OKAY DON'T TOUCH ME PISSED OFF DIRECTIONERS *runs off screaming like the crazy bitch I am*
Ahhhh. The character in the pic is from 9 lives of Chloe king. I love that show. Why did they cancel it???
You notice them everywhere. A fan fiction means they will be talked about and the story fiction. I was hoping this wasn't fully about 1D but it is.
No offense but does this remind anyone if Chasing Life and totally put a damper on your hopes for April?

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