Rough Waters [Restricted things only] [BoyxBoy]

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Tetsuya Kuroko By Tetsuya Kuroko Updated 3 years ago
This is purely sex and rather graphic topics from my story Quiet Waters. If you don't like it, then don't read it!
haha that seems to be the common question... maybe so he wouldnt cum all over the bed? idk... lol
Ikr? It's a bit confusing, but it think it's suppose to be Cole confused, wasn't kent the bottom? Then why put the condom on kent rather on cole?
Actually, I was thinking the same. Why does Cole put a condom on him?
Oh my *blushing* ^////^ I think Cole should stay a top it fits hem well and way sexy then bottom Kent to me top its just not for hem...and as for me I will always be a top girl or Guy hehheheheheheheh and love ur work boo u did great
whatevers good 
either way it'll be good I'm sure
love you byyye!