Rough Waters [Restricted things only] [BoyxBoy]

This is purely sex and rather graphic topics from my story Quiet Waters. If you don't like it, then don't read it!
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i think Cole should be the top since he has a greek god body and quarterback and kent will be always a bottom... and i think Cole is more dominant.
I think its sexier that they don't have a specific role, i think its better that they switch position from time to time :) confused, wasn't kent the bottom? Then why put the condom on kent rather on cole?
loved both boys as top, both of them have a lot of potential so i think it's a good match in the bed
I think bottom would be better, I'm a girl so I wouldn't know what top feels like but bottom just seems more pleasurable ;)
I loved it all, the 2nd part was much more steamy and I really love that. Urghhhhh I am such a fangirl!!

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