Rough Waters [Restricted things only] [BoyxBoy]

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hopelessnerd99 By hopelessnerd99 Updated 3 years ago
This is purely sex and rather graphic topics from my story Quiet Waters. If you don't like it, then don't read it!
Ikr? It's a bit confusing, but it think it's suppose to be Cole confused, wasn't kent the bottom? Then why put the condom on kent rather on cole?
Actually, I was thinking the same. Why does Cole put a condom on him?
Oh my *blushing* ^////^ I think Cole should stay a top it fits hem well and way sexy then bottom Kent to me top its just not for hem...and as for me I will always be a top girl or Guy hehheheheheheheh and love ur work boo u did great
whatevers good 
either way it'll be good I'm sure
love you byyye!