Falling Slowly

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Emma By Dreaming_Love Completed
Don't postpone what you want. Don't leave anything misunderstood. Make sure the people you care about know; make sure they know how you really feel. Because just like that, it could end.
    He's reckless and indignant. She harbors an all-consuming secret. Sometimes, God gives us what we never knew we needed.
is it bad that I literally can't stand him like I want to be so mean to him right now and he is a fictional character like what's happening to me do I have anger management problems or something idek
@itscalledfayte I'm on the train... I'm trying so hard not to cry
it's just medicineee.~
                                    medicine by daughter, anybody? no? ok.
LMFAO I was like "oh okay. " and then I actually processed what you said!
Supposed to be playing online with my friend but I can't stop reading this book
she probably has a heart that isn't made of organs or whatever. its prob made of waffles.