Stupid Mistake

my name's Elizabeth Carter I'm 15, 5'4, the beta's daughter, and oh yeah, im also a she-wolf. I'm your typical high school nerd.... you know the one that always wears comfy sweat shirts with yoga pants to school? ya I'm that kind... On the night of my 16th birthday i finally find my mate, but he rejects me infront of the entire party saying i was fat and to ugly for him... i cried and beg my parents to put me in boarding school. It's been three years since I've been home and when i get there damn they got another thing coming. and I'll make sure to make Jake Controe's (my mate and soon to be alpha's) life hell for embarrassing me like that.. I'll make sure he regrets it.. >:)
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Pretty please with a cherry on top update soon. You book is awesome and I want to know his reaction.
I say make there girls night serious let them go to a club and have Lizz make jake jealous by talking or messing with other guys
More more more more more more!!!! I absolutely love  Lizzy! She's badass, and there's too little of those on wattpad! You're a great writer!

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