Peasant Boy (Prince!Louis and Peasant!Harry)

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LemonGirl11 By LemonGirl11 Updated a year ago
Harry is just a peasant with nothing but happiness.

Louis is just a prince with everything but happiness.

When their paths cross, the entire kingdom is shocked by the previously-selfish Prince's behavior. Louis takes Harry and his family in, giving them food, clean water, and a place to live.

Harry, though, will always just be a peasant, and Louis is still the prince after all.
5secondsofLarryx 5secondsofLarryx 6 months ago
What made me laugh the most is that Lottie is actually a lesbian lol
cool_dood cool_dood 8 months ago
well that's quite rude of louis but i love the plot line not meaning to pressure you or anything but please update this story is just outa this world!!!!!
ForeverKittyHPG ForeverKittyHPG 10 months ago
Jvkwkvlwovkwkeowwwk Why are you not updating these. I mean, I'm like you where I get an idea 1-2 chapter get out and then gone. But still.
This is PERFECTION plz keep going its barely the second chapter and I love it the plot is AMAZAYN
I'm soo ready for the next part. Shii ii thought this story was longer. Come on baby chapter 2. :) x
weirdpurplepanda weirdpurplepanda a year ago
Just read this again. It is so cute the feels are like.. I dunno how to describe it. I just know I want moooooooooooooore.