Peasant Boy (Prince!Louis and Peasant!Harry)

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Daquiri By Daquiri Updated 2 months ago
Harry is just a peasant with nothing but happiness.

Louis is just a prince with everything but happiness.

When their paths cross, the entire kingdom is shocked by the previously-selfish Prince's behavior. Louis takes Harry and his family in, giving them food, clean water, and a place to live.

Harry, though, will always just be a peasant, and Louis is still the prince after all.
What made me laugh the most is that Lottie is actually a lesbian lol
well that's quite rude of louis but i love the plot line not meaning to pressure you or anything but please update this story is just outa this world!!!!!
Jvkwkvlwovkwkeowwwk Why are you not updating these. I mean, I'm like you where I get an idea 1-2 chapter get out and then gone. But still.
This is PERFECTION plz keep going its barely the second chapter and I love it the plot is AMAZAYN
I'm soo ready for the next part. Shii ii thought this story was longer. Come on baby chapter 2. :) x
Just read this again. It is so cute the feels are like.. I dunno how to describe it. I just know I want moooooooooooooore.