Crazed. (Harry Styles)

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1d_jollygood By 1d_jollygood Completed
All the bright, precious things fade so fast... And they don't come back.
narrys_dimple narrys_dimple 4 days ago
fukin hate when people at my school think they have ocd. people use it like an excuse now. like "sorry my room is organized I have ocd" o_0
kinkyharreh kinkyharreh 7 days ago
this book is fücking gold. finished 5 min ago and already wanna read again
kinkyharreh kinkyharreh 7 days ago
It's so sad to think there are really people like this. I wanna hug every sad person ever ok ILY ALL
kinkyharreh kinkyharreh 7 days ago
literally learning ab this in my human growth & development class rn. Poor baby
Itsabbiehere Itsabbiehere 7 days ago
* begs until we can see his beautiful face* she doesent no what she has coming