Crazed. (Harry Styles)

All the bright, precious things fade so fast... And they don't come back.
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Everyone's saying their name is Jamie so I feel like I have to say tgat my dogs name is jamie.

Just kidding I don't have a dog.
sometimes I wonder how harry will look when he is 80 all old and with his tattoos although we will be old and still love him
I'm religious but I still want to read because we all know that people who have read After have lost their innocence lol jk
@jacee14 yes the smut in after...all religious people now lost their innocence when reading after
My name is not Jamie but I'm gunna act like is it cause it's some of your guys' names haha
@bellasayrawr this comment is my second life and I have 9 lives.... like a cat :]

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