Crazed. (Harry Styles)

All the bright, precious things fade so fast... And they don't come back.
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Wow, I only rarely have anxiety and I have insomnia which Isn't even a big deal. Sucks to see that you all are facing problems with your life. Stay strong.
I really don't like this girl! You make the nurse sedate him, then you want to cry?!?! I don't think I can deal with this main character.
Every morning? This girl is to easy. "I'm not falling for it again." Oh Pah-lease, I bet you'd have sex with a trash can.
Everyone with depression or anxiety stay strong ♥︎ someone out there loves you. Stay beautiful
I'm sorry we're not even one chapter into this fvcking story and I already want them to frickle frackle
I wouldn't be able to do that, I highly respect people that work with the mentally ill, you have to have true patience and real guts!

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