Rejected At First Sight

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"Oomph!" The sound rushed out of my mouth as the door opened before I could reach the handle and my body hit a wall. I took a step back and realized that it wasn't in fact a wall, but instead a very attractive male. I looked up at his head to see a very messy, but sexy, mop of black hair on top of his head. When I looked closer, I noticed that his hair was a very deep brown that was probably often mistaken for black. My gaze traveled downward to his eyes, where I found two deep, ocean blue eyes looking back at me. My gaze travelled farther down to his crooked nose, to which I assumed came from too many fights. My eyes finally found his pink, very plump lips, which were turned into a sneer. "You have got to be kidding me!" His pink lips said in a very offensive voice. My eyes turned questioning as I looked back up into his eyes.                                                                                           "Whatever, lets finish this. I, Ashton Carter, reject you, as my mate." He, or Ashton, said with venom lacing his voice. He quickly turned and walked down the now vacant hallway with no glance back. Rejection? On my first day? The first person I make eye contact with at this school, rejects me. I guess that's how this school works, if the hottest boy in school rejects you, you're a nobody. So much for making friends, or mates, or whatever they call people at this school. I shake those ocean blue eyes out of my head and continue into the office to start my new life.
My mom would be like,"aww so sweet. Now you two get your asses over here and help."
I live in California & Arkansas and i drive back and forth allowed the time.
bruh this how I'm a be with my bestfriend when she leaves for the navy I'm a try not to cry, we just graduated and I cried but she leaves its going to be worse
I was scared i was like why does he have a wife beater? WHAT IS A WIFE BEATER. Freaked me out. Who names a muscle tank a wife beater? its just scary the first time you hear of it
Lmao I remember the first time a heard of a wife beater  Scared the sht outta me lol
Lupus doesn't that mean wolf. Like Canis is dog and lupus is wolf .