Rejected At First Sight

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"Oomph!" The sound rushed out of my mouth as the door opened before I could reach the handle and my body hit a wall. I took a step back and realized that it wasn't in fact a wall, but instead a very attractive male. I looked up at his head to see a very messy, but sexy, mop of black hair on top of his head. When I looked closer, I noticed that his hair was a very deep brown that was probably often mistaken for black. My gaze traveled downward to his eyes, where I found two deep, ocean blue eyes looking back at me. My gaze travelled farther down to his crooked nose, to which I assumed came from too many fights. My eyes finally found his pink, very plump lips, which were turned into a sneer. "You have got to be kidding me!" His pink lips said in a very offensive voice. My eyes turned questioning as I looked back up into his eyes.                                                                                           "Whatever, lets finish this. I, Ashton Carter, reject you, as my mate." He, or Ashton, said with venom lacing his voice. He quickly turned and walked down the now vacant hallway with no glance back. Rejection? On my first day? The first person I make eye contact with at this school, rejects me. I guess that's how this school works, if the hottest boy in school rejects you, you're a nobody. So much for making friends, or mates, or whatever they call people at this school. I shake those ocean blue eyes out of my head and continue into the office to start my new life.
givemeyoursoul givemeyoursoul 3 days ago
oh hell no! it doesn't matter how ugly this shirt was, it's Doctor Who shirt! it's awesome no matter what!!
baby_blue_bottle baby_blue_bottle 4 days ago
haha I'm moving to a new school in 7th grade (im in sixth now) and my best friend said she was gonna drag me by my hair all the way back to the school I'm in now and chain me up.
perfectanime perfectanime 4 days ago
Psh, yeah. I totally don't have the exact shirt in my closet right now

*laughs nervously*
sweet132th sweet132th 4 days ago
no matter how this story turns out I'm such a whovian that I'm already a fan just for this reference
iri_brat iri_brat 7 days ago
Mine goes from dark brown to loght brown and theres this blonde streak in it that i've had for years now
River_Falls River_Falls 8 days ago
have acne all over my face but I still dont wear ANY makeup, but if powders are considered...