Thaliah: The Vampire's Diamond (completed)

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Destinyangel By Destinyangel Completed
Thaliah James is the daughter of two of the most powerful mythical creatures in their world.Everything will change when she uncovers the truth about her life and meets a lover she never thought she would have, who is the pinnacle of danger yet wildly in love and intrigued with her.Due to her being born into such power, is one of the stongest immortals ever but doesn't know it... yet.
lela2000 lela2000 2 years ago
a good book, but it needs to be edited. great book though. ;)
Ciara18renae Ciara18renae 2 years ago
Really good! :) i loved the whole plot anytime i thought i knew wat mite happen u totally proved me wrong. Power to u! Keep on writin! :)
ChasityShepard ChasityShepard 2 years ago
When will da next part come out cuz i really would like to know what happens cuz its a really good story
Love the story! Are you going to keep writing? Please.keep us posted.
brujitasol brujitasol 2 years ago
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