Heartbreak Before Love

Kaylah is a 17 year old girl with an amazing family, awesome best friend, and totally hot and loving boyfriend who comes with an equally hot and sweet best friend. She's got everything a teenage girl could want right? That's what she thought too until she caught her awesome best friend getting it on with her loving boyfriend. How will she survive this betrayal and will she be able to find love and trust again? Does she have to suffer heart wrenching heartbreak before she can enjoy true love?
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Because in the beginning it was always meant to be you and Deke but dick Shane got in the way!
The pain won't go away over night & sometimes the strongest people have weak moments. It happens!
What's it like to live in a big family? Beats me it's just me and mother always has been.
Well she did say she would have fell for him if she had met him first and him without his own lover and her company maybe along the way he fell for her
I'm going to be surprised if he still has that girlfriend knowing she did what she did. I imagine he told her they're done before he went after Kaylah
And that's the issue right there and puts him in the same f-off category as the other two

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