Heartbreak Before Love

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kauigirl By kauigirl Completed
Kaylah is a 17 year old girl with an amazing family, awesome best friend, and totally hot and loving boyfriend who comes with an equally hot and sweet best friend.  She's got everything a teenage girl could want right? 

That's what she thought too until she caught her awesome best friend getting it on with her loving boyfriend.

How will she survive this betrayal and will she be able to find love and trust again?  Does she have to suffer heart wrenching heartbreak before she can enjoy true love?
longnamed_soccergirl longnamed_soccergirl 2 months ago
This is so easy I mean with these expectations she kind of has it coming I mean she has to know on some level she can't be this ignorant
Hai_ItsJess Hai_ItsJess 3 months ago
mhm that's what you think. She's one of the sluts cheating with your boyfriend right now.
Those bastard how could they. No need to explain, she heard it all. Real friends don't keep secrets that no will break  heart, real friends don't try to steal your boyfriend.
Ulukau808 Ulukau808 10 months ago
Aww poor girl! Thats helluh messed up! Smh, some friends and boyfriend they are!
PrincessTemi2 PrincessTemi2 11 months ago
I love how you relayed her feeling of betrayal so perfectly. Good job
My name is Shane.. And I'm a girl..... haha......GREAT STORY!!