Heartbreak Before Love

Kaylah is a 17 year old girl with an amazing family, awesome best friend, and totally hot and loving boyfriend who comes with an equally hot and sweet best friend. She's got everything a teenage girl could want right? That's what she thought too until she caught her awesome best friend getting it on with her loving boyfriend. How will she survive this betrayal and will she be able to find love and trust again? Does she have to suffer heart wrenching heartbreak before she can enjoy true love?
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Aww poor girl! Thats helluh messed up! Smh, some friends and boyfriend they are!
Oh Hell nah, they both need a good a** whooping!!! I hope she doesn't stay too made at Deke I know it had to be hard to be stuck in the middle!
Oh sweetie, if Kayla was my bestie. Let me just tell you that I would've most likely been arrested.
Poor Kayla! I can't believe the person she considered as a sister of all people would do that to her!
woah...im more surprised with the best mate...arent they meant to be like sisters?? a sister would never do that
im definetely reading on!
Really good, but you havde to fix some quotes.

Ie; "Hi, I'm Joelle! Its nice to meet you," Joelle said. 
ANd capitilaize t\he first letter of every sentence

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