My Mate Is My Sisters Boyfriend?!

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Angel By DevilsAngel1210 Updated 2 years ago
Gabe Rose had a hard life growing because no one in her ever wanted to be around her so one day when she goes into the woods she is attacked. Running away she finds refuge with Harry and Holly.
         Now five years later she is all grown up and Alpha to one of the most powerful and feared packs in the history of were's. 
         But now being forced by the council she is forced to go back to her old pack, and someone starts to create 'Others' things start to get out of hand especially when she comes face to face with her mate again who just so happens to be her sister boyfriend. 
          Can life get any worse for her? 
          Read and find out!
there's a lot of grammar errors but other wise it's really good :)
Love the separation between the wolf and human parts of the shifters... Its almost as if you have schizophrenic characters lol
So sad and glad in same moment.   Love these new charters.   Her mate will see if I like him or not.  Like his wolf.
@DevilsAngel1210 So far I have. I will begin chapter 2 tomorrow though and finish all the way up to todays upload.
@DevilsAngel1210 Well it worked out perfectly. I understood what you arre talking about in the story.
@DevilsAngel1210 Ha! I think that slipped from my mind for a second! Lol. Yeah the longness was good for understanding things.