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Emeryn By Emeryn Updated 3 years ago
There is love. There is existence. There is hope. There is complication.  Living day after day, we notice as time pass by, but our hearts remain our true home. And we will never let go. This is what life is...or maybe it's just high school.
incisrongirl incisrongirl 3 years ago
Sentence structure needs work, but it's an interesting, relatable, though slightly angsty beginning.
MyHeartIsInk MyHeartIsInk 3 years ago
I really like this! I think it's awesome how you put a deeper meaning into this without it being overhwhelming. Of course, I'm definitely continuing :D
permafrost permafrost 3 years ago
Love the words in italics. Give this a very mysterious feel. (:
GenXblogger GenXblogger 3 years ago
I enjoy the piece opening and ending with some poetry - nice idea!
Thebookangels Thebookangels 3 years ago
I absolutely enjoyed your writing since the summary...especially the "maybe it's just high school", you've got a great talent :)
those quotes in italics i nthe beginning and end just polish up your work :)
Good job! :D
Loveoverhate Loveoverhate 3 years ago
I rather enjoyed it. Very descripted and I am excited to read more