Bubble Tea Girl

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Julia Hua is a shop girl in Queens, NYC whose passions include spouting witty one-liners and designing girly fashion for a local boutique. When her friend Weilian steals her fashion ideas and rockets to fame, Julia wonders if she should take revenge by stealing Weilian's dreamy boyfriend.
if that girl's not black why would think its okay for her say nigga. what is wrong with you.
oh she's not black so wtf is she doing thinkin she can say this???
Am I the only person who doesn't even know what bubble tea is?
Seeing from the other comments I guess I'm not the only that's confused here. This chapter was not good.
Who's Kalliyan? No offense, but this chap is really confusing.... maybe you could put an prolouge? Just a suggestion...
Am I the only one slightly confused about what just happened in this whole chapter?