Shattered, Not Broken (The Walking Dead/ Carl Grimes fanfiction)

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thewalkingquiff By thewalkingquiff Updated 5 months ago
(This is a The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes fan fiction). Scarlette is just your average teenage girl.  Carl is just your average teenage boy.  Neither of them knew of the other, until a certain deathly disease overcame the world.  But as both their worlds collide, fate brings them together.  Scarlette, being the eldest child in her family, takes lead role and goes out to get supplies.  While journeying through the infected and zombie-filled city,  Scarlette runs into a boy named Carl.  The two instantly click, but there is still a mysterious side of Carl that Scarlette wants to learn more about.  As Carl and Scarlette's friendship grows, many events happen, some good some bad, that causes many future actions and precautions between them and the rest of the prison dwellers.  Although young, the two kids learn to live life to the fullest, causing their friendship/relationship to grow even more.  Take a journey through the lives of two normal kids in this Walking Dead/Carl Grimes fan fiction. *Contains bad language, may contain violence and sexual content as the story goes on*