Just A Kiss Goodnight

Mollie Black recently was hired as a summer nanny for the famous designer Lacey Kingham. She's thrilled about the job, until she realizes that she has to share the guest house with Lacey's brother, Callen Grey, the hottest guy and biggest player on her college campus, who Mollie finds incredibly annoying and way too cocky for his own good. Once she starts getting to know the real Callen, can she stop herself from falling in love? Callen is annoyed because Mollie seems to be the only girl on the planet resistant to his charms, so he makes it his personal goal to get her to fall for him so he could break her heart at the end of the summer, but can he resist falling in love with her first and changing his player ways forever?
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How come in the summary the guy has a different family name from his sister? or is the name Grey his middle name?
That was perfect.. I read the title then started sing just a kiss and when i looked at the video on the roght there was the song and i was like BAM im phsycic
i think that is cute how he interacts with his nieces and nephew :)
awesome first chapter!!!! 
Did you base your story and the titleof i from the song "Just A Kiss" of Lady Antebellum? I'm just asking and curious as well.
Wow.  Love the first chapter. Its a breath of fresh air to have a guy actually spend time with kids.
Aww just started reading this book and it catched my attention so quick :D love it <3

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