It All Started at a Meet & Greet ... (for Justin Bieber Fans Mainly)

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Simplee By Simplee Updated 10 months ago
Tansy (you) and Kate got free tickets to a Justin Bieber Meet & Greet. There was a bit of fun harmless flirting with Justin, but its not like you'd ever see him again anyway? Until he bumps into you at your Uncles radio station! That big bump turns your world upside down! Fame, A popstar sensation, An annoying friend and Competition!
UndercoverFish UndercoverFish 2 years ago
@Simplee Hey there :) Thank you for making me in love with JB. I was only interested in him and his songs until I read your story.
Your story is so great, as well as Justin! :D
1DsGFs 1DsGFs 2 years ago
I don't like how it's written like as (you) but other than that I like it
Emma_bieber Emma_bieber 2 years ago
Love this it's fab, it was a okay ending but would've been better if you said what got on in their life :) good luck
Emma_bieber Emma_bieber 2 years ago
It's such a awesome story!!!! But the ending didn't suit it you should have written a bit more of what happens but it was AMAZING!!!!! It's got loads
yarismolina23 yarismolina23 2 years ago
Eliza dosent have a picture lol or isnt even a character on ur list!! i want to know what she looks like!!! :D
RoroSmile RoroSmile 3 years ago
can you guys please read my story? its also a justin bieber love story! and i promise you'll like it ! just please give it a shot? here it is ~
thanx! btw ii lloovvee thhiiss ssttoorryy!!