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Femmefatale10 By Femmefatale10 Updated 2 years ago
Five completely different girls find out one shocking secret; they're sisters. If that wasn't enough, they're not even human. The people that raised them aren't their real family. To top it all off they have powers and a destiny. But someone or something wants them dead. One of them can't be trusted. Will they be able to control their powers? Will they survive sisterhood? And will they be able to kill what's after them before it kills them? All will be uncovered.
OkamiAmaterasu OkamiAmaterasu 3 years ago
Just a lovely chapter :) Luke sure is in some deep poo-poo ;) Well, this sure made my day :D
chanina123 chanina123 3 years ago
OMG i cant breathe that was halarious!!!!! :D LUke is gonna die from anxiety!!!
figgyfan figgyfan 3 years ago

i didn't know this was up >.<

can't wait till Scarlett is up XD
OkamiAmaterasu OkamiAmaterasu 3 years ago
Awesomesauce :) This will be the greatest project EVER :D
Oh, I'll send over Amalthea later. Just need to type up her family and friends... ;)