The Secret Behind the Wallpaper [Book 1]

When Abbie is forced to move away with her family her only thing to look forward to was getting to make over her new bedroom... well that was before she found the secret behind the wallpaper.... Has a sequel :)
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Uh, sure, I have a story called You Have No Idea. Just click my thingy to the left, I only have one story.
I hope you reached 250 already, but if not, I hope mine counts!!! I saw your discussion, so I figured, why not?
Another good chapter. Maybe you could edit this/reword certain things, but I liked the ending to this chapter--nice wording. Onto the next one.
i started here so i wouldnt be confused in your new one. lol... pretty great work for an 11 year-old =)
This is really good, especially if you wrote it ebb you were 11, it's better than lots of teenaged wattpad "writers".
this was good and I like how u added a little mystery near the end and hmm I guess I'm curious. With the whole "treasured love" thing. Lol anyway nice chappy!

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