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broken-pixie By broken-pixie Updated 3 years ago
One rainy night changed Lorelie's life forever. Driving home from visiting her grandmother in a thick pour of rain, Lorelie couldn't see him walking across the street. She wasn't able to stop in time. 

Now, a year later, Lorelie is still haunted by that unfateful day. However, Lorelie gets the surprise of a lifetime when she finds out that the man she hit isn't as gone as she thought. And he has no intention of leaving anytime soon, even if it means dragging Lorelie, who he'd grown to care for, to the other side in his replacement.
so sad she must live one really lonely life with one friend that's sweet of Xander to actually care can't wait to read more
Can't believe Tammy and her family were that blinded by grief or whatever and blamed her like that
wow that was really sad... i hope she feels better! and damn that was heart breakin! lol and her feiend is soo funny and too cute1 and cant wait till u uoate!!! LOve ur boook! :D
wow! that was sad! and reallly cruel of her best freiend... and even if her brthere died .... she should have understood that it wasnt  her fault! anyeways loved the chapiie! and cant wait o read more! :D