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Tasha By natashapreston Completed
It has been four years since Oakley, her mum, and brother fled to Australia. With the trials looming, she makes the decision to return to England. Oakley is desperate for closure so she can put the past behind her and move on with her life. 

How will she cope when she comes face to face with the two people that hurt her the most, and the one person that she hurt the most? 

Her love for Cole never faded, but how will he react to her return after so long? Will they be able to put everything behind them in order to have a happy ending?
"No one else could make me feel normal", i tried to be normal once, WORST two minutes of my life .-.
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She got raped by her dads friend frank right? :/ i wanna stab frank, and her dad for letting him, if i am correct
Long distance relationships are hard to go through, always wondering what the partner is up to xc
I love this book I bought it on my nook and I'm so excited I can't wait to finish it
This book is soooo freakin' awesome I wanna read the rest
Girl yah shouldn't leave me hanging
Awe She is comparing everyone to him like he was comparing everyone to her in the first book