Some Get All The Luck

Some people get all the luck. I, unfortunately, am not one of them. I'm starting highschool in honors classes I don't deserve to be in, my parents are divorced and live in rivaling cities, I don't have a boyfriend, my mom is crazy, I miss my little brother, and I now walk home from school everyday with a boy who finds it hilarious too piss me off. Sounds normal, right? No? Well my name is Mikayla, and I'd like to welcome you to my life.
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Considering that my household is asleep, I probably shouldn't be laughing, but this made it difficult. :P
Love it so far!
this is HILARIOUS :) i loved the entire chapter, jeremy is definitely my favorite character ;)
All the profanity is making me laugh xD especially when she noticed what Tyler said :D I will have to keep reading later on. I'm loving it so far :)
Hmm her friends remind me of minee, ahaha. I'm off to get hot chocolate so I can read the next chapter :D
I loved it. (:
Their little slap war was hilarious! >:D
Your descriptions are wonderful really let's me visualize what's happening. :)
Her friends are hilarious. Mine are just like this x) I'm continuing to read on,.. I'm really starting to enjoy this. ~*~Voted~*~

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