Video Blogger [Ziam Mayne]

Zayn likes making videos. Liam likes playing video games. Zayn likes art. Liam likes sleeping. Zayn is a famous YouTuber. Liam is a regular school boy. Zayn doesn't know who Liam is. Liam knows all there is to know about Zayn. [THIS STORY DEALS WITH DRUG ABUSE, ALCOHOL ABUSE, AND CHARACTER INJURY. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS AS A WARNING.] All Rights Reserved © fxckthat [cover by turdiform]
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Harry. Some things can't mix with others. U and Taylor are a no no. I'm in both ur fandoms but even I know that haylor is a HELLLLL NO. Ok?
I bet that Liam right now is like. "I do that every night to your twitters too, it's not creepy." -evil laugh-
Me everday with the youtubers (connor,cameron,nash,carter,michael, etc) and one direction
At this point I can just say there is a 99.99% chance I'll make it to part 25 without dying from the feels

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