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Zayn likes making videos. Liam likes playing video games. Zayn likes art. Liam likes sleeping. Zayn is a famous YouTuber. Liam is a regular school boy. Zayn doesn't know who Liam is. Liam knows all there is to know about Zayn. All Rights Reserved © fxckthat [cover by turdiform]
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I would be fangirling and my mom would be fangirling too! Shes a directioner too
me and my mom would be saying that sentence together. My mom is a Directioner xD
HAHAHA I did this to my mom when I found out 5sos was gonna be on wwa tour again
awwww just imagine liam . so happy and his Beautiful smile and adorable laugh awww OMG
Wait. Louis saw the video too. So he should already know the answer to this question...
My wall is covered in One Direction and my sister came in my room yesterday, looked at my walls and said "Obsess much?" And walked out. 

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