No, I Am NOT Dead. [Sequel to Awkward Turtles] {HP Fan-Fic) (Discontinued)

Tanith is alive! Voldemort's back, and nobody believes it! She's engaged to Remus Lupin, and her Father's broken out of prison, the man who she believes killed her. What would happen when they come across each other? Will Remus and Tanith's relationship still last? Read to find out.
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Why does it say this story is finished?!?!?!?!?!? If you stopped in the middle of the story, I will be very upset with you!
Ha she just proved the wisest man EVER wrong. HA! Not even Remus or Lily could do that
It happened to me too. :3 It was during church, EVERYONE thought I was possessed.
Duznt she know that he ddnt order her mom to kill her
He was .....
i guess devestated when she died

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