forever ~ punk l.h. (in construction)

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mmxii1996 By mmxii1996 Updated 22 days ago

Ivy_Hemmings Ivy_Hemmings 6 months ago
If u want to speak Australian slang u basically only need to know g'day no one actually says 'throw another shrimp on the barbie' I mean we don't even say shrimp
Lashtonskitty Lashtonskitty 7 months ago
My moms going with me to WWA tour and I'm scared what she doesn't want to like the boys bc of their dick touching
harry_lover01 harry_lover01 7 months ago
Ha yeah IKR! Think about when Niall does his little touchy thing during better than words! Our dad's will never let us go to a concert again!
sarahmichelle69 sarahmichelle69 11 months ago
lol same my dad was with me when i saw pierce the veil  hahaha