Forever (Punk Luke Hemmings)

Skylar is an ordinary 16 year-old girl. Her life basically revolves around One Direction. Casual brown hair and light brown eyes feature her. Her soft, delicate skin has never been touched; not by a needle to decorate her, not by a needle to pierce her, not by anyone to pleasure her. Luke is nowhere near ordinary, quite the opposite. He plays guitar and sings in a band that opens for One Direction, called 5 Seconds of Summer. His skin though, has been touched, in all ways. Do opposites truly attract? Forever, that is. Nothing last forever. Or does it? Maybe. Maybe not.
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@mmxii1996 oh dear- please go get one, have it- message me what you think of it x
@madb1234 OMG. SAME :") I was always like, they're just people in fit costumes. they're to perfect to be real :") x
My moms going with me to WWA tour and I'm scared what she doesn't want to like the boys bc of their dick touching
Ha yeah IKR! Think about when Niall does his little touchy thing during better than words! Our dad's will never let us go to a concert again!
Yes cause that's not creepy at all luke. Wait why was her front door unlocked anyway? Lol
@SiddekaRezwana maybe he seen her walking. Around the night before and followed her

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Name ask your mom what she was screaming last night idk
Location with your mom
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