The Orphan And The Wolf

Ever since she was a little girl, Sapphire went to the woods every night to see her wolf to escape from the orphanage and the boss Tony. Eleven years later, she's still there and ignored by everyone in school and she still waits for her wolf every night. But what she doesn't know is that her wolf isn't exactly a wolf, but a werewolf that's been in love with her for over a decade and he's thinking of a way to help her escape from her prison. But when he finds a letter in her file, their life's are turned upside down...
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I am crazy about wolves and by first story us also about a wolf! I really like this kind of stories so please continue!
he was actin like she was a straight up slave. like, the fuck? why can't she read? is that illegal in his mind? smh.
I like that you're a little more descriptive in this chapter than you were in the first.
Another good chapter. I don't like Tony at all haha, he needs slapping. I am liking Sapphire though - she's pretty awesome.
I really like the short paragraphs, they create so much suspense. It's a great beginning - gives us just enough information to want to read on. :)
ooooo love the story line do update soon and pls if u have time read my story called worthless of your love thnx

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