The Werewolf In My English Class

Good morning everyone and welcome to english 101, I am happy to tell you we have a werewolf among us. Well doesn't that sound strange? But it is what The Shy and timid Jennifer experiences after being attacked by a werewolf while he was actually trying to protect her, but who could the werewolf be? her only clue is a note: 'See you fourth period english' will she find out who the werewolf is?
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She sounds like a fatalist. Someone who comes to terms that fate decides everything and there is nothing to change that, those are some sad sounding people.
This is quite a good book but ur punctuation and grammar ain't perfect no offence!
OMG I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!! I just wish you would finish it, cause at the end...Im curious of Justin anf his mate...
I like it so far you know. And it's really cute even tho i hate saying words like cute and o.
I think that Kyle or the new guy is the wolf and they are trying to protect her from the other one. Do you know what I mean? This story is great. I love it :)
I love it !!!!!!!!!!!!   This story is great :]]]]]]]]]]]]]....  Kyle is soo sexy  He look delicious mmmmmmmmm

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