Oh no! What now?

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vamplover29 By vamplover29 Updated a year ago
kathren genevieve blackwell is a girl that's not a normal girl. She's took away from here family to marry the prince of vampires Luca she almost falls in love with him the second she lays eyes on him. But who wouldn't he's incredibly hot. Soon after she's been took she finds out she was adopted and her real family was the king and queen of the wizard lands. Her father died and passed his powers down to her but the thing is she is now the strongest witch ever known but she has no clue in how to use her powers. That is until she meets her inner witch. Now she has to fight the  strongest vampire out there one of the original family member. But will she win of will a sudden surprise put her in danger.
omg i love it!!! and i wanna cool name like that. Kathren Genevive Blackwell. so awesome...