From Soldier's Rifle, To Dragon's Wing's (2012 Watty Awards)(Book 1)

There are many things we don't know about in the mysterious world of the military, Project Draco is one of them. I was recruted into this project against my own will at the age of 14. My life went from normal to dodging bullets everyday of my life. You could say that I know death personally. But when you have wings, scales, talons, and can breath fire, you already have a target on your head It's just a matter of time. This is the story of my life, as a Project Draco a dragon.
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Recent Comments someone and make this into a movie,really, I wolud
empty my pockets to go see it:)
you're ending ripped off the losers which kinda ticked me off but otherwise good book.
Hey man this story is AMAZING!! Never seen anything like it. And I really love your writing style. Great going!
@taro619 awww....i'll probably cry to if it's sad....:'( wanna know about his brother!! i really like your style of writing though.....really great :)
This whole story plot is very unique, not at all like many others' here on wattpad... Nice job!
This chapter has better paragraphs than the last one... yay! :D onto the next chapter! (I usually give a longer comment on the first and last chapter, FYI)

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