Nothing But The Girl

"Realization dawned on me. I had just flung coffee into the face of the 'hottest guy of the year', the model Jace Andrews!" -- When you permanently scar a model’s face, you automatically know that there is going to be consequences – serious consequences. Cassie Rogers just didn’t think a relationship was one of them.
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Tis seems good. But I don't really get why he decided to make her date him.. But I guess all will be revealed later
I finally got around to reading this. 
I know I am already going to love it, Jace seems like eye candy. 
Draco Malfoy ran away from Hogwarts, and entered your book! That is serious magic. :P
I looked at the cast and my heart melted when I saw Tom Felton's name. I would be freaking out if I ever got his face scarred.
wow i think that this is really quite an original idea and i love it.
Cassie is pretty awesome and i cant wait for more
This is so cute!  I'm already caught in the plot!  I can hardly "put it down"!  I will continue when I have the time! :D

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