Let Me Fall For You (Harry Styles)

Harry was the typical bad boy who had it all. The popularity, the girls, money. Some would say he had the picture perfect life. He was the popular teen everybody knew and wanted to be or be with. Now bring in Cat, the bright eyed rebellious girl with a past who wanted nothing to do with Harry after he left her broken harted on the worst night of her life. Will Harry be able to handle it when he starts to fall for the one girl he can't have? Or will he crumble and risk everything just to find a way to make her realize he's not just the punk jock everyone thinks he is. Will she finally let him in or will he have to live with the fact that no matter what, she won't give in... again? "Sometimes in order to see the light, you have to risk the dark.." *Harry is not famous in this story* cover @hhorans
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Harry's a dick in this haha cant believe he cheated on the night her parents died. Really good story so far :)

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