Jealousy [Mikasa x Eren Fanfic - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan]

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FloatingInDreamland By FloatingInDreamland Completed
Eren is jealous. Mikasa is jealous. Love happens.
Dawwwww...I have a poster of Eren and Mikasa. :3 I don't know why I'm so happy. XD
Yamir! Get your ass here! Look what Eren's doing with ur Christa!!!
Christa and Jean... I feel Ymir is now writing Jean's name in the Death Note lol
Eren, Suggestion. Be a fcking yandere......No? I screwed my laif. Bai. *Jumps out window*
Oh damn! This one is so great! Well wrote too. I just wish it would have been somewhat longer :/ but still one of the best pieces i've red