Jealousy [Mikasa x Eren Fanfic - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan]

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Zharluuuh ✌ By FloatingInDreamland Completed
Eren is jealous. Mikasa is jealous. Love happens.
I took me 10 minutes to read this clearly and try to learn and breathe again
Because it's always the girl who has to make the first move in the end. *slowly claps* Well, done Mikasa. Eren, you're just a little cocky bystander right now.
Ring the warning bells. Surround the police. Grab the popcorn. S***'s about to get real.
And that is the last we will ever hear of Jean. Ymir is waiting to strik.
Dawwwww...I have a poster of Eren and Mikasa. :3 I don't know why I'm so happy. XD
Yamir! Get your ass here! Look what Eren's doing with ur Christa!!!