Jealousy [Mikasa x Eren Fanfic - Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan]

Eren is jealous. Mikasa is jealous. Love happens.
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kawaii!!! OH NO, I CANT STOP THEM!!!!! THE FLOWERS OF MOE!!!!!!!! X3 so cuuttteee!!!!
Oh shoot. Jean, looks like you're screwed. So I suggest you run.
Mikasa x Eren forevah!!!!!
Damn well written...very well written, big fan of Attack on Titan and of Eren x Mikasa...just hope they end up together in the anime !!!
Good and a smart idea for this lovely fan fic! It's so Kawaii! And btw, becareful with Ymir! Good luck,jean! XD
hahahaah.. kInda like it.. blushing right now XD ................... GOOOOODDDD WOOORRRKKK
This is so freaking cute and funny xD im happy someone finally included christa cuz shes like my favorite character and so cute!! The ending was priceless ;3

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