Banish Me

There’s something different about Cass. Everyone in her hometown knew about it because they were like her too. She's a witch of the South, truth teller, and Daughter of the Earth. And she sees ghosts, not her favorite past time. After her mother's murder, Cassandra South is whisked away to a new school, new town by the father she's never met before. She hopes to just blend in and survive high school so she could go back to her hometown in Ireland after she graduates. However, after meeting Peter Marks, who just happens to be the other live-in student’s brother, she starts to change her mind about leaving and about life. But Peter has his secrets, just like her. The only difference is he can read all of hers. Over the course of seeing a new ghost, the school being broken into, and a few other dangerous adventures, will Cass learn to trust others with her secrets, her life, and her heart? Official Song: Set Fire To The Third Bar by Snow Patrol (c)2011 SCCourtney ~ * ~ Book One of The Banish Me Saga
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What? But I'm 16 years old and gunna be a junior and I'm suppose to be. Lol my birthday is June 12 so I have a year till I'm 17
Great! The title of this story is what convienced me to give it a read. So glad I did, this is amazing :)
this is such a great story so fr and i cant believe there are so very few votes and comments!
Intriguing . . . Persuasion and truth teller. I'm racking my brain to connect seeing ghosts . . . Nvm. I'm going to the next chapter and let u explain it! :)
Wowa! I'm the only person to comment /?? And there's a 2nd book out for this storyline???
Interesting I like the way you have them speak to one another .: very different from ur other stories. 
Yea I k.ow I'm a bit late on this aye???

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