Who Knows ? (A Luke Hemmings Fan fiction)

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*First fanficton*  Kimberly Scott is just your average 16 year old girl, she moves to Australia with her mother and new step father , She expected her life to change but what she didn't expect was too make four absolutely crazy friends. When she meets the boys of 5 seconds of summer... what is suspected? Well one thing is for sure, she has fallen hard for Luke Hemmings the feelings are mutual for Luke ...  Secrets , Lies , fights , love ,romance , cuteness and complications  Who Knows what could happen?
xelisha xelisha 22 days ago
10 minutes?
i take like more than 30 minutes in the shower bc my hair is so thick and i don't like it
xelisha xelisha 22 days ago
i want an older brother or sister so bad bc i just have 1 sibling and I'm the older one,
it sucks so much
*starts sobbing*
australiandrews australiandrews a month ago
If my brother did this to me I would punch him in the throat like in the movie 'identity theft'
Kristie_Hemmings Kristie_Hemmings 2 months ago
lol she legit just got off the plane and he asked if she like Australia??
how would she know??
Julia_Hemmo1996 Julia_Hemmo1996 2 months ago
Thats RIGHT u aint promising about boys cause ur gonna be with lukeyy
leahrachel___ leahrachel___ 2 months ago
I've read this fanfic like two times and it's one of my all time favorites!! Are u gonna right a sequel??