Rape // Harry Styles

-WARNING- This story may be inappropriate for some people under 13.. This story contains Drugs, sex, abuse, and rape. Also Harry would NEVER do anything like this. EVER. It's just fanficion. - Megan and Harry where best friends since pre-K. Harry's been there for Megan threw her ups and downs, he always been by her side. But, that all soon changes when 18 year old Harry kidnaps 16 year old Megan. She didn't know it was him. But she doesn't know what's coming at her. - He holds her captive and forces her to do things that involve sex, money, drugs, and more. But what happens when your raped by your own best friend?
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such a white artsy hipster tumblr girl jesus christ. I mean, I am too, but still. lmao
Shit, are you like a stalker or something? Friend named Emma, 10 yr old sister named Kaiylin
You blushed!? Five minutes ago rape was happening.... O.O" it's like she isn't phased at all
Bitch he was about to rape you, his friends aren't going to be in the same house forever
no i didn't mean you did it xD but another person :3 c: i sure don't hope you report comments that says positive things xD lol
then why do you read it? it says \"rape\" so isen\'t it obvios it\'s going to be dirty?! god!

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