Hush, Howl (Complete and Editing)

{Trailer inside!} Sapphire Stronghold has been mute ever since a tragic accident happened on her ninth birthday that traumatized her and led her into complete silence. Whenever she thinks of speaking, no words will escape pass her mouth. The memory of her parents’ untimely demise seemed to play over and over again like a scratched record. When Darren, the future alpha of the Wildfire pack discovers that his mate is Sapphire, what could he do to make her speak again? |ONE OF MY OLD WORKS I WROTE AS A NEWBIE, SO PLEASE PARDON THE GRAMMATICAL ISSUES AND IGNORE THEM!| BEST RANKS: #1 - What's Hot List #1 - Romance #1 - Werewolf
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I live in South Carolina!! Comment if u ever Hurd of ninety six bc I love there! Lol
'Portion of their time'
I spend all my time on Wattpad, Youtube and Googling The Vamps.
This is ALL my time
FINALLY an alpha who actually WAITS so it doesnt cause drama! 
eh, there still might be SOME drama, but still!
cant she still whisper though?!cause inwas told that whispering doesnt use the vocal chords
Can you direct me to where this site is? I've never heard of it. It seems interesting to even use a braincell to think about it. (This is not sarcasm)
Yea!!!! Go my fellow flutists! Lol is that a word?  Flutists. I've been playing for like 9 months and if I say so myself, I'm pretty good 

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